What is Antisearch?

A multi-contributor platform for art, op-eds, poems, essays, music, and more. More than that, we’re a showcase of talent. Like L*nked*n, but cooler. Read our Mission here.

Do I need to be a student to be involved?

No, not at all! Antisearch was created with college students in mind, but there’s nothing stopping any interested artist or writer from applying regardless of educational background. 

Does it cost money?

It will never cost you money to submit your work on Antisearch. 

In the future, Antisearch hopes to grow to a point that we can host contests and competitions, which might have entry fees. We’re still figuring this out!

Does the work I submit need to be recent?

No! We don’t care when your work was made, as long as you made it. If you’re proud of something you made 10 years ago, send it in!

What’s in it for me?

Get a free portfolio on a professional website, have your work showcased on our main site and social media, and include the link to your personal page in resumes! 

Where’s the “like” button?

We don’t “like” those. Antisearch is a social media/professional platform for students, professionals, and creatives to showcase their work. When you go to an art gallery, do you leave a tally mark next to your favorite painting? Probably not, no. 

The same logic applies here. If you “like” someone’s work, go to their bio and find their website or social media and show them support where it counts!

Where do I submit?

Read everything you need to know about submitting your work here.

What if I want to submit to multiple categories?

Cool! Go for it. In your email, specify for which category each of your individual submissions is intended!

I sent in my submission. What now?

You should receive an email confirmation within 48 hours of your submission from one of our curators to let you know that we have received your work. 

All submissions will be reviewed and participating individuals will be notified via email of any mistakes/corrections/violations related to their submission before the end of the current “launch” period. 

Currently, Antisearch is accepting submissions for the 4th of July launch coming soon

I have a page on Antisearch. Can I update it/take anything down?

Yes! Just send an email to contact@antisearch.org with the subject “ARTIST” and any changes/edits/updates you would like applied to your page. You may also request to have your page removed from the site. 

How will I know if my work has been accepted?

We’ll send you another follow-up email with a link to your artist’s page if your work has been accepted, or if we need more information from you before we can post it. If you’ve been accepted, look for your work on our Home page and Instagram!

Antisearch reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to reject or remove content at our discretion for any reason. Please email contact@antisearch.org if you believe your work has been removed in error.