And the Dog Came Down From the Christmas Tree

by 10heads


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Birthday Bitch

by 10heads


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The Six Legged Horse Can’t Dance Any Better Than A Four Legged One

by 10heads

the quicksand that caves in my chest
gives life in my death
the sweet mango grains fill lungs with involuntary smiles
I have the pleasure of my last meal being desert for dessert
my heart beats to the rhythm of the feet of my tribesman ancestors
the night before pillage takes the village
the gods have replaced Visine with Hennessy and banned the word 'sober'
so I'm in trouble again
and a motherfucker earned it
but does he deserve it
not much matters since the transtemporal DJ stopped the music
my tongue is all out of left feet

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Where Do We Find Privacy Now?

poetry collection by Dana Bell

Dana Bell
Dana Bell

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Cream of the Cheese

by John Crean

 “This is a great bagel.” my friend said to me as he looked up, finishing the first bite of his breakfast. I looked back at him in disgust, he thought this was a great bagel, this was at best an okay bagel, if he wanted a really good bagel, he should go to my bagel place.  It was all at once that I then realized I had been spoiled my entire life. My friend looking back at me wasn’t from New Jersey, or even the tristate area, every bagel he had ever was a fake, a mere imitation of the very breakfast I take for granted every single day. My disgust with myself for how pompous I was being quickly turned in envy for him and his innocence. I had been raised on great bagels; I can’t even remember the first time I had a bagel. Like an addict I’ve developed a tolerance, what was once a great bagel is now and okay bagel and amazing bagels are now journeys out into obscure locations where small delis will sell you hand crafted artisan bagels made of gold for 3.50. 

       One of the great things about going to a college in New Jersey is that I got to witness most of my out-of-state friends have their first “real” bagel. They haven’t developed a taste for real bagels yet, I doubt they’ve even had lox. Soon I watch as they become involved in arguments about the name of certain breakfast meats and become invested in whether we have enough everything bagels because plain just doesn’t do it anymore. Soon enough they’re telling me that they can’t eat bagels back home anymore and that they might have to buy a batch of frozen ones to take home for spring break. 

       Sharing things you love with people you love should really be your entire reason for loving the things in the first place. If everyone kept what they thought was great to themselves then the world would have way less great stuff. Seeing someone love a bagel that I just thought was okay is honestly even better than if I had loved the bagel myself. Now that my friends and I have all become bagel snobs it’s much more fun to discuss which of the bagel places is better when it isn’t just you alone in a room ranting about bagels to yourself. 

John Crean
John Crean

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Letters to Sunshine

by Sarah Hyser

Sarah Hyser
Sarah Hyser

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17 Syllables: A Love Story in 50 Haikus

by Sarah Hyser

17 Syllables: A Love Story in 50 Haikus

By Sarah Hyser

1. 5.7.5

How can I tell you

in seventeen syllables

what you mean to me?

2. Summer

Endless flowing stream–

How could you not be alive?

You make still rocks swim.

3. First Date

“You’re a good kisser.”

I smile against your lips.

“I’m so into you.”


Where is the line break?

I found it. It’s over here.

I can’t find the oth—

5. Faded Lines

She said he’s real cute

and seems like a sweet, smart guy.

Who’s gonna tell her?

6. our planet is burning…

“Save our planet! Now!”

she tweeted from her iPhone.

She’s so ironic.

7. Falling for you

Me, ****ing your ****.

You, looking at me, thinking

Should I return? Nah

8. Untitled because it would give it away.

I know you read these.

Or at least see them. I wish

you’d say you like them.

9. Euphoria

Seeing you smile

makes my pupils dilate.

I guess I’m in love…

10. Puzzles

Two different puzzles.

The images don’t line up

But the pieces fit.

11. Flawless

“Don’t worry, you’re cute.

I don’t even mind your flaws,

(like the way you laugh).”

12. Surprises

I gave you something.

But you don’t like surprises.

That’s sad. I love gifts.

13. -[]’

I made you feel good

On at least two days this week.

I hope that’s enough.

14. Always talking

Bite your tongue, lover,

Or I will demote you to

Former acquaintance.

15. Round Earth

Earth’s not flat. If it

was I would have pushed you off

the edge already.

16. You&YourTree

Eyes of a serpent.

I’ll bite into your apple

while you stab my back.

17. Your birthday.

Sat and drank alone.

Thought of differences between

love, sex, and romance.

18. Distance

It turns out absence

Can’t make the heart grow fonder.

It makes it grow cold.

19. You&I

I’m not inspired.

Not by this. I want to be

swept off my damn feet.

20. Bi-ku

“Bisexual girls”

Is not synonymous with

“Promiscuous girls.”

21. Rolling Waves

Death is imminent.

Life is everlasting wealth.

Mother Earth collapsed.

22. Gloaming

Dusk is setting in

I can’t imagine sleeping

Without you here too.


I miss your warm light.

You’re the sun and I’m the sky.

Now I am the night.

24. Cups

If you drew my soul

Would it look broken or whole?

Half-empty or full?

25. Just thoughts

The constant praise stopped.

I now ponder my purpose.

I question my worth.

26. Goodbye…

I know I should just

quietly forget you but

then my mind lingers…

27. Poets

Why do I write these?

The same reason sad boys Juul.

Sad girls will swoon.

28. My Birthday

There was a time when

you couldn’t wait to be this

age. Well, now you’re here. 🙂

29. Beautiful Girl

Hotter than the sun.

I will conquer life today.

I’m so powerful.

30. Dating myself

I don’t need your love.

I can love myself and I

can feed myself grapes.

31. 5’8”

With legs longer than

your last girl’s career. And she

walks through hell on them.

32. Not your body

Abortion shouldn’t

be debated between men

and men. Period.

33. Why I’m Single.

I am a soft four

with the confidence of a

strong eight and a half

34. Dating myself pt.2

Would you be my muse?

Say no. I am beautiful.

I will be my own.

35. Headed home

Traveling alone.

I am always headed home

each way that I go.

36. things are not going great for me

I know it’s too late

to say this, but I miss him…

Barack Obama.

37. What I learned

It’s not about form

It’s about capturing the

Beauty of the scene.

38. scoop me up

What’s your ideal date?

Let me rephrase: please take me

on your ideal date.

39. Aphrodite

We bloom in the spring.

Do you think of God’s beauty

When you think of me?

40. Whatever (the original)

I want you to know

that I really enjoyed… uh…

whatever that was…

41.Honeysuckle and sunshine

Your lips tasted of

honeysuckle and sunshine.

Your eyes melted me.

42. The heavens

Your mind is so vast.

I wonder if I know you

Just by knowing you.

43. Someone new

Meeting you seemed great.

Now I know meeting you was


44. March Sun

“Your aura’s yellow.

You’re absolutely glowing.

I can’t look away.”

45. My sweet

The truth is, nothing

will be the same now that you

are part of my life.

46. Healing

You can not fix me.

But you make me feel worthy

Of fixing myself.


I’ll show you your depth.

I’ll meet you in the ocean.

We’ll hit the bottom.

48. a love poem

You make me helpless.

It’s hard to stop kissing you

when we’re together.

49. Resolution

My pain might not end

But I love you for trying.

It makes it hurt less.

50. 5.7.5 pt. 2

I could not tell you

in seventeen syllables

what you mean to me.













Sarah Hyser
Sarah Hyser

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